In the past, people used to go all-in with colours when it comes to kitchens. The units were all white, all orange, all lime green, all pink, etc. Nowadays, colour palettes are a thing and people are choosing different combinations for their kitchens. Grey colour is among the frequently chosen ones. In the following lines, we will give a few tips on how you can combine it with your walls, floors, countertops, and more.

Light or dark grey? Colour combinations and contrast colours

Generally, there are 2 approaches to grey kitchens – light and dark. Most people choose the light one, as it is suitable for areas with limited sunlight as well.

  • Light grey kitchens – one of the most frequently used combinations is white for countertops and backsplash areas and black appliances. In this case, you might consider adding some warm wood tones or gold-coloured door handles.
    Another combination you might want to consider is wood. The coldness of the grey colour combines really well with the warmth of wood surfaces.
    Light grey in your kitchen can be combined really well with dark grey tones as well.
  • Dark grey kitchens – charcoal and dark grey tones are used for luxurious homes. They can be combined really well with white and marble. Most people choose to add more lighting to their kitchens if they go heavy on dark grey tones. The reason behind this is that otherwise, the premises will be less cosy and comfortable.
    If you wonder what colour goes with grey kitchen units, we can share that we’ve also created designs for dark grey kitchens combined with gold, copper, and other metallic tones.

Grey kitchen units – what colour floor to choose

The type and colour of the flooring depend heavily on your budget, the colour of the walls, and the style. Here are some ideas:

  • Tiles – you can opt for Moroccan style or for dark grey tiles. Light marble or wood effect tiles are good options too.
  • Wood – hardwood floors can make your kitchen even more luxurious. A lot of people choose dark tones and colours. Keep in mind though that they are a bit harder to maintain as they should be wiped more often. If you want light ones, we would recommend something close to white or a warm wood tone to make the room cosier.

Grey kitchen units – what colour worktop to combine them with

When it comes to worktops in a grey kitchen, they tend to stand out. This means you have to choose the right tone in order to give you kitchen a finished look. Allow us to share a few ideas:

  • White – as we already mentioned, white combines really well with grey kitchens.
  • Marble – they will always be a thing. Marble countertops are classy and combine well with grey kitchen units.
  • Wood texture – this will give cosiness and warmth to the overall design. Remember, grey is a cool colour, you need to mix it with warm ones.

Grey kitchen units – what colour walls to choose

This is one of the most important colours you should choose when designing your kitchen. Here are some of the main combinations:

  • Pink – it combines surprisingly well with grey. A combination of pink walls and grey kitchen units will result in a fresh result.
  • Dark blue – marine blue colour palettes are a great combination, especially for luxury homes with dark grey kitchen cabinets.
  • Yellow – it sounds strange at first, but then the idea grows on you, especially when you see a few projects where a grey kitchen is combined with yellow walls.

If you are wondering what colours go with grey kitchen units, make sure to visit the bathroom and kitchen showroom of BathBarn. Our team will assist you by recommending different styles and colour palettes. Contact us at 0116 262 2630 and we’ll be happy to answer all your questions.

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