These days, in the light of Instagram and Pinterest, everyone wants to be fancy and noticeable even in their home. It seems that kitchens get more and more extravagant and that we forget something essential, something that will never become outdated. Simplicity. Nothing beats the clean and classic design in the long term.

Recently, cashmere has become the newest trend in terms of kitchen colours. And rightfully so. When it comes to decorating your kitchen, cashmere is easy to work with and there are lots of great ideas on the Internet on how you can improve your kitchen’s appearance with this colour.

Cashmere kitchen ideas

As a colour, cashmere is close to the white and cream tones, it is warm and has an inviting feel. It’s perfect for everyone who doesn’t want his kitchen to have that clinical white look that became trendy with the rise of metro tiles. It’s not a secret – cashmere is very easy to blend and match with other colours. Applied strategically, it can add depth to a particular space in your kitchen. Similarly to the white colour, cashmere’s paler shades will make the small kitchen features appear bigger than they are. As it is also a neutral colour, it’s easy to match it with other shades to create contrast with walls, no matter if they are darker or lighter in colour.

There are multiple cashmere kitchen ideas to consider and you can implement the colour in many forms. For example, a glossy finish will make the room look bigger and brighter, while a matt finish will absorb the light, creating a more modern look.

When you consider making changes in your home there is a huge benefit of choosing cashmere as your primary colour. You can remake your entire kitchen, or if you’re looking to just add some diversity, you can simply replace or paint some of your kitchen items such as the door, as the cheapest option. Yes, you can indeed implement cashmere as a trend without breaking the bank.

What colour goes well with a cashmere coloured kitchen?

As we have mentioned, cashmere as a colour can be combined well with both darker and lighter shades. It creates a relaxing atmosphere and offers a sense of comfort, which is perfect for kitchens and kitchen diners. Common combinations for cashmere coloured kitchens are dark grey and limestone. Of course, you can use a highly-contrasting colour such as dark blue, orange, or even blush pink but it all depends on the specific situation. If you are not sure which colour to choose, our team from Bath Barn will politely assist you and offer you some timeless or trendy combinations.

When it comes to floors, we can provide you with some recommendations regarding shades that go well with cashmere. For example, natural stone shades, light grey, and brown are some amazing colour options that are easy to maintain. Light-coloured, smooth timber floors also match very well with cashmere kitchens.

If you wonder which wallpapers will look good in your cashmere kitchen, soft green and light grey work very well. Also floral patterns with small bursts of colours such as yellow, purple and red are a beautiful and unique choice that will add femininity to any kitchen. Last but not least, consider a rustic brick pattern or other types of wallpaper that mimic natural materials such as stone or wood.


We can say with certainty that cashmere as a colour is great for any kitchen as it’s easy to combine with other colours and has a timeless feel to it. The staff at Bath Barn are ready to answer any queries you have for your kitchen and your specific situation. You can visit our kitchen showroom to see all available options regarding cashmere kitchens.

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