From a Closet to a Family Bathroom – Renovation in Hinckley Road LE3

Transforming a closet to a family bathroom is not an easy job. But the specialists at Bath Barn were able to perfectly cater to this customer’s specific requirements. The closet space was previously not in use and to make the space functional, the customer chose to opt for a family bathroom with a toilet, basin and a shower inside. This is where we came in with the right tools, equipment and skills to turn this customer’s vision into a reality. Let’s take a look at more details regarding this project.

The customer’s brief

As part of the customer’s requirements and specifications, they wanted to turn an unused closet space into a bathroom. The work was highly detailed and extensive as we transformed the cupboard into a functional bathroom. What they aimed for was to take the electrical sockets, gas pipe, shelving and screened floors and turn them into a usable bathroom with a toilet, sink and shower with a special requirement for the shower to be low so that they can sit on the toilet seat and have a shower.

The job at hand


To kick off the project, we had to create drainage and plumbing for the hot and cold water. We also removed and moved the gas pipe within the walls to give the new bathroom a better and cleaner finish. While we could not remove the radiator pipes because there was no space in the walls, apart from this, we concealed as much of the pipework as possible.

Although we found it challenging to get hot and cold water to the basin and shower, we managed to circumvent this issue and took this water from the upstairs bathroom and kitchen so that all the pipes were hidden.


The ceiling height was 2.6 metres and we had panels finished and fitted in at 2.4 metres. These were then finished off with trims to give the appearance of a minimalist look, along with ceiling cladding, silver stripping and an LED light.


We also installed an extractor fan on the roof and behind the area to a source that was connected to the pipe outside.

In addition, since there was no heating or space for a radiator, we Installed an underfloor heating mat with a thermostat that was situated outside. This was done along with a light switch that was placed outside the bathroom.


We went for a wetroom floor with a gulley, which is a revealed gulley or a minimalist gulley to collect the water in the new bathroom space. We also ensured that the rainwater pipe was adjusted. This was done by making adaptations to it along with the flooring stack. We then tiled the outside area with red brick effect tiles, which were outside the toilet area as well, as part of the customer’s requirements.

In conclusion

It doesn’t matter how small your space is, the specialists at Bath Barn are absolute magicians in transforming spaces into beautiful and functional bathrooms. That’s why you can always get in touch with us for your professional and high quality bathroom renovation in Leicester. Our team of skilled experts will help to turn your vision into reality, adding more value to your home and ensuring that you have greater comfort and convenience.

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