Bathroom renovation Rushey Mead, LE4

A bathroom is a sacred space in any home and no one understands that better than we at Bath Barn do. And because of this coupled with our tiling expertise, our experts were chosen as the tiling contractor for a bathroom renovation in Rushey Mead, LE4. Wondering what the customer wanted and how we went about getting the job done? Take a look at the details below.

The job specs

For their bathroom renovation, this customer wanted something that would remain timeless and in fashion for the next 20 years or so. Because they liked the idea of having the bathroom grey, they chose grey tiles and grout for the purpose of the renovation works.

What we did

Sticking to the customer’s requirements for their bathroom renovation project, we went for a dark grey tile with a matt finish. The wall tiles were 300 x 600 mm in size and the customer went for the straight effect tile design. A little nugget of useful information from us when doing your tiles is that you can have a straight effect or a brick effect. With the latter, you have an easy-to-clean design because everything, including the grout, is symmetrical. In this case, the customer went for a lighter-coloured grout, which is a sort of silver grey and we also matched the silicone in specific areas to be silver grey, too.

1 Changes to the window area

As a starting point, we finished off the window area with chrome tile trims, which were 10 mm thick. The tiles were porcelain and the trims were 10 mm. Owing to the size of the bathroom, we had little space to maneuver and didn’t make extensive changes..

2 Changing the services for the shower

We then changed the services for the shower from the window wall to another wall which gave a more open space when going in and out of the bath area. It is now possible to shower without water splashing on the window area, making the experience more comfortable than before. We also added a shower basket, a basin and pad and a new toilet with a soft seat. Finally, we installed a thermostatic mixer on the bath with an adaptation to have a shower there, if required.

3 Changing the flooring

As for the flooring, the customer opted for vinyl, which we also installed.

4 Retaining the pre-made electrics

Because this customer had the electrics in the bathroom done before that, we refitted the extractor fan on the wall once the tiles were in place and we did not change the ceiling at all. The ceiling and the light on it were in terms of the previous bathroom design. In addition, we reinstalled the customer’s radiator, which was taken off prior to us doing the work.

Wrapping up

With another successful bathroom renovation to our name, we are delighted that we have another customer who selected our services for a job well done. If you are considering having your bathroom redone, you can always visit our bathroom showroom for inspiration. And of course, for your tiles, you can always count on us as your tile suppliers because we have everything you need to ensure a beautiful and comfortable bathroom space. Come and visit our tile centre today! As one of the most professional and experienced tile shops in Leicester, you’ll be able to get the best advice from our experts and turn your bathroom vision into a reality.

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