Supply and Full Renovation of a large bathroom in Wigston LE18

The Bath Barn specialists were approached by a customer for a large bathroom renovation in Wigston LE18. This project required a lot of attention to detail and careful planning. In essence, the bathroom was the size of two average-sized bathrooms as it was built over an extension. This gave us sufficient space to work with.

However, there were two problems that needed to be addressed. The first one was that the customer had leaks from the toilet area, which were going downstairs. Meanwhile, the second challenge was that they didn’t have full functionality of the layout. Together with their requirements and our specialists, we got together to make the adaptations and improve the customer’s bathroom.

Here’s what we did.

The bath space was turned into a walk-in shower

The bath changed to a walk-in shower with a flipper panel within the space requirements. In addition to this, the tray was to the floor, giving a true wet room feel. There was a vanity for storage and a mirror cabinet. We added one flooring cushion to give the bathroom a nice appearance by adding tiles with no grout lines.

As for the bath, and as part of the customer’s requirements, we put 1.4 metres of tiles in height along the bath because they didn’t want the children to splash the plaster walls, which were painted white. Meanwhile, the walls and ceiling were skimmed.

Other adaptations that we attended to

Further to the shower and bath, we also did all the electrics for this bathroom. We added eight spotlights and a new extractor fan, as the customer didn’t have one prior to the renovation. As for the two large windows, we finished off the ledge with tiles instead of plastic for easier maintenance.

Towel rails were also installed to ensure that there was sufficient space for towels. And finally, we changed the bathroom door, which included a lock mechanism, and gave the customer the functionality that they required.

Final thoughts

Because bathrooms are an important room in any home and because they get a lot of usage, they need to be highly functional and space needs to be utilised to its full potential. For this job, we worked with the customer’s specific requirements. Our specialists were able to design and create a brand-new bathroom that had its full functionality restored due to optimal usage of the space. If your bathroom is in need of some attention and TLC – whether you’d like to make a few minor changes or you’d like it completely redone – you can always count on us at Bath Barn for your bathroom supplies and renovation in Leicester.

We are a truly professional team of specialists and know just how to optimise spaces and ensure you get the most out of your bathroom. We also have extensive expertise with plumbing, electrics, tiling and the installation of vanity cabinets in addition to the bulkier bathroom items such as toilets, showers and baths. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for your bathroom renovation today!

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