When it comes to interior design, classic looks never go out of style. They are a long-term investment that is both timeless and cost-effective. So it’s no wonder that the cream colour rules the day, especially when it comes to kitchen units and accessories. But if you plan to still refresh the look of your kitchen, then you probably wonder what colour of tiles will go with your creamy kitchen units. Today we will discuss just that.

Choose patterned tiles for playfulness

If you choose to keep the rest of your kitchen simple to complement the cream kitchen units, then you’ll need to make sure that the setting doesn’t look too boring. Add interest to your kitchen by creating a feature wall with patterned tiles. Choose tiles in a subdued colour that complements the overall theme of your creamy kitchen. Grey will work perfectly for that.

Get that contemporary café-style vibe in your kitchen

Don’t you think that coffee shop interiors have involved a lot over the past years? Nowadays, cafés have a cosy, relaxing vibe while being easy on the eye. To get the look, pair your timeless cream kitchen accessories with white kitchen tiles for a more contemporary feel. Decorate with blackboard paint and wooden worktops to bring both functionality and warmth to your otherwise simple kitchen. Tie everything with freshly potted plants, copper cutlery, and simple rustic fabrics.

Be bold with blue

It’s not difficult to pick what colour goes with cream kitchen units if you want to make a statement. Any bright and vibrant nuance for your kitchen tiles will do the job, but royal blue has a special place in modern interior design. Sure, your creamy kitchen will look sleek and sophisticated as it is, but the blue will add a boldness to the room. And since the shade is in the cool colour spectrum, it will complement the warmth of your creamy kitchen units perfectly.

Winter whites for a traditional look

Nothing brings the traditional kitchen to life like the crisp white tiles. They are extremely versatile and bring forward anything else you choose to put in your kitchen. Paint the cabinets in a colour that will complement your creamy items and go for the modern subway tiles with a glossy surface. This design suits all kitchens but the small spaces will benefit from it the most as the light colours create an illusion for a larger room.

Mediterranean vacation at home

Now, we’ve discussed kitchen wall tiles in detail but what about the floors? As it happens, pale flagstone floor tiles will complement your creamy kitchen accessories just perfectly. The warmth of the stone will bring about a sort of Mediterranean feel to your kitchen, creating a small paradise in your home. You don’t even have to decorate the room all that much. Simply add more light to the room by installing additional lighting fixtures or by removing any window coverings, be it drapes or shades.

Clean and elegant with sage green

You can’t go wrong with this colour. It’s as soft and gentle looking as your cream kitchen units. Kitchen tiles in sage green will bring the warmth of the rest of the room and will create a tranquil space. Complement the look by choosing countertops and accessories made of natural light coloured wood.

As you can see, creamy kitchen units aren’t that difficult to work with when it comes to kitchen tiles. There are plenty of ways you can incorporate various looks and feels in your home. Check BathBarn’s extensive catalogue of kitchen tiles if you’re planning on remodelling your kitchen soon. Our experts will give you the best advice when it comes to tiles.

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