Are you planning to renovate your bathroom in 2020? If yes, then you already know that finding the perfect tiles for a small bathroom can prove to be a challenge. Finding tiles that are both suitable for small spaces and trendy – even more so. In today’s blog post we will review 6 small bathroom tile ideas to give you the much-needed inspiration boost for the coming year. Let’s go!

bathroom big tiles

Big tiles in small bathrooms – yes or no?

Contrary to our instincts, larger tiles can do wonders for the small-sized bathroom. The trick is to use them tactically and place them on the floor and not the walls, for example. Bigger floor tiles will trick the brain of thinking that the space is also bigger. So, if you are looking for tiles for a small bathroom floor, consider the larger options on the market.

bathroom light tiles

Light colours for small bathroom tiles

If you want to stick to small-sized tiles, then you can opt for the ones in lighter colour shades, whites in particular. It is no secret that whites and light shades can make your bathroom feel bigger but it can also make it a bit uninteresting. To spice it up a bit, you can play with textures or the pattern of the tiles, and choose different options for the floor and the walls of your bathroom.

bathroom tiles pattern

Tile patterns in small bathrooms

Placing the tiles in a pattern is one of the best bathroom tile design ideas for small bathrooms. The eye is drawn by this surprising layout, which works wonders for small spaces, effectively expanding them in our minds’ eye.

One of the trendiest ways of placing bathroom tiles is the herringbone tile pattern. The subway tiles, in this scenario, are the best tiles for a small bathroom. You can also check the chevron stripe tile pattern. Both of these patterns elongate the space, make it look fun instead of flat, and are overall great bathroom tile ideas for small bathrooms.

bathroom black white

Black and white tiles for variation and dimension

If you wonder what size of tiles to choose for a small bathroom and can’t seem to like any of the specialised options in stores, then you should know that size isn’t everything. You can make ordinary tiles work for you. Your tiny bathroom will benefit from a white and black colour scheme that will add depth to the floor and perceived width to your walls. It will make shopping for tiles ever so easy.

bathroom glossy tiles

Reflect the light with glossy types of tiles for your bathroom’s walls

One of the most effective ways to brighten up your tiny bathroom is to use glossy tiles in a lighter shade. Choose modern tile shapes such as subway tiles to avoid the dated look of the glazed tile. You can go wild on your walls and play with colour and pattern because glossy tiles are one of the most versatile bathroom tile ideas for small bathrooms. However, make sure to cover the walls only as this type of tile isn’t suitable for floors.

bathroom graphic tiles

Bold graphic tiles can create a sense of infinity

If used properly, graphic tiles can become a statement for your small bathroom. A word of caution: use the graphic tile with restraint, as the pattern can easily become overbearing and visually “flood” your tiny bathroom, making it feel smaller than it actually is. To avoid all that, place the patterned tiles on the floor and bring them up a bit to the wall – this will visually extend the bathroom floor and will create a feeling of a larger room.

So there we have it! These are just a few ideas on how to strategically use bathroom tiles for tiny bathrooms. Bath Barn has some great options for bathroom tiles, so make sure to check them out. Additionally, you can always get in touch and ask for assistance in choosing the best possible tiles for your small bathroom.

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