The savvy homeowner always thinks of ways to add, or at least not subtract, value to their house. Even if you don’t plan on selling your property anytime soon, thinking ahead and executing remodelling projects can save you the hassle of last-minute renovations. And when it comes to bathrooms, there is more than one reason to consider adding another one. Does a new bathroom add value to your home? It can if done properly. Here is what you have to consider when calculating how much value a new bathroom will add to your house.

What is the cost and how much value does a new bathroom add? The cost and value of a new bathroom depend on many factors – from the size and type of bathroom, you wish to add, to used materials, fixtures, and labour. But a study conducted in 2017 suggests that adding a new bathroom increases property value by around 5% or £12,000. Now, you still need to factor in the expenses of having an extra bathroom. While most rooms in the house can be refreshed with a bucket of paint or new furniture, this isn’t the case with bathrooms. Here you will need a much bigger investment. So here are two common scenarios:

  • 1. How much value does a third bathroom add​ – building a completely new bathroom is more costly and is advised only if your home desperately screams for an additional bathroom. After all, potential buyers will pass on a house that doesn’t have at least the bare minimum.
  • 2. How much value does a remodelled bathroom add to your home​ – refurbishing an existing space is popular among older homes. This is a much cheaper project that adds value to your house but one that is highly dependent on existing space.

How many bathrooms per bedroom should you add?

Some think that 1:1 ratio would be ideal but there is, in fact, such a thing as too much – you may be taking up valuable space that can serve another important role. The experts suggest two or more bathrooms for a four-bedroom property, or else it will not sell. But this isn’t an exact science and much depends on the layout of the house, family needs and other factors. When in doubt, choose to have more than less – buyers are more put off properties with fewer bathrooms than those with additional ones.

Which areas can be refurbished into a bathroom? To squeeze out the maximum value of your house, you need to think about remodelling underutilized spaces, as we’ve mentioned before. A small powder room can be added at only 3m² of space, which most homes have in areas such as:

  • Walk-in closets;
  • Basements;
  • Hallways;
  • Laundry rooms;
  • Under staircases;
  • Pantry rooms.

How to style the new bathroom for maximum value?

Many people wonder how much a bathroom renovation increases home value. One of the frequently overlooked factors that influence the end number is bathroom design. Bathrooms are never purely functional and a lot of homeowners consider this as the room where they pamper themselves. Clean and flexible design, neutral colours, stylish fixtures and minimal furniture can increase the value of a bathroom, while cramped bathrooms that are gloomy-looking have the opposite effect. The bottom line – you need to make it easy for the potential buyer to work with the bathroom no matter their taste.

If you are looking for ways to remodel and increase the value of your bathroom, and therefore your home, make sure to check out Bath Barn’s offerings. Our specialists can advise you on how to make the most out of your new or refurbished bathroom so that it increases your home value.

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