Some people say the bathroom is the most important place in your home. Choosing the most reliable materials and the right design for your needs is crucial. When it comes to choosing bathroom wall tiles, you should be very careful. Sometimes, the quality of tiles is not what you are looking for. Consider that the bathroom is a wet place and tiles are not just fancy accessories you want to show off with. If you want to know more about what tiles are best for bathroom walls you are on the right track.

What we consider to be the best bathroom wall tiles ideas

  • Ferrara Travertine Tiles
  • Porcelain tiles
  • Ceramic tiles
  • Limestone
  • Marble

Choosing one of BathBarn’s recommendations will guarantee a stunning new vision of your bathroom.

  1. Ferrara Travertine TilesThis type of tiles will give an attractive look to your bathroom. The design blends a light cream colour and ivory tones that feel calm and elegant. These tiles are unpolished, crafted from natural stone and have fine lines running through them. To avoid imperfections, each tile is selected carefully to ensure no compromise with the
    highly esteemed colour consistency in Ferrara Travertine Tiles.
  2. Porcelain tilesReally simple to look after and very hard-wearing. To create a unique look for your bathroom you can choose from a vast range of colours and patterns. Porcelain tiles offer a trending alternative to natural stone and ceramic tiles. They are also more resistant to scratch and stains and have greater density.
  3. Ceramic tilesThey are an affordable covering. Both versatile and stylish, these types of tiles have a glossy finish and high-quality bevelled edges. White tiles can be creatively mixed with different colours to add a simple or modern look to your bathroom.
  4. LimestoneProbably the perfect feature bathroom wall tiles and an absolutely stylish choice. This type has rich colours and a smooth unpolished surface. With their versatile design, they are perfect for modern and traditional spaces. Made from natural stone this tile requires sealing. You will find a different colour and pattern variations across our showroom.
  5. Marble tilesThey are impressing with eye-catching veins of colour running through them. Their highly polished surface delivers brightness to your bathroom. These tiles have low slip resistance and are also required to be sealed with products suitable for natural stone.

Large or small bathroom wall tiles

Tile size should not be determined by bathroom size. It is not a secret that a larger tile can actually make a small bathroom visually expanded. In such scenarios, the fewer grout lines – the better. On the other hand, smaller tiles should not be avoided too. Mini subway tiles are trending right now and are perfectly suited for smaller bathrooms. Also, consider choosing light reflective tiles. It’s another trick to enhance the space of your bathroom. Typically glossy, metallic, and pearl-finished tiles are perfect for this job.

Choosing tile grout and the importance of bathroom maintenance

For a clean and sparkling look, the commonly used tile grout colour is white. If you want less clinical appearance you can use more contrasting colours such as yellow and pink. If you want to emphasize light coloured tiles use a dark grout.


Regarding all the choices of bathroom tiles, you should always ask the opinion of the tiling craftsman. Here in BathBarn we will offer you our best choices and solutions for wet rooms, as well as their installation and additional maintenance tips. As we have mentioned above, the bathroom is a wet place where the right amount of care for it crucial. For long-lasting tiles, ensure that they are grouted and sealed properly. Feel free to visit BathBarn’s tile shop in Leicester if you are considering to buy new bathroom wall tiles.

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