One of the hardest bathroom renovation tasks must be removing tile adhesive from the floor or anywhere else really. There are hundreds of types of tile glue and all dry to a rock-solid mass with varying difficulty of removal. Today we will discuss the most common scenarios and ways to dissolve and remove tile adhesive from your bathroom tiles.

How to remove old tile adhesive?

Old tile adhesive can be a pain to remove on your own so it’s best to get some help. Unless you plan to tackle tiny square footage of an area, such as a small bathroom, for example. If you want to place new tiles, you will have to clear out all of the remaining tile adhesive from the surface to create an even canvas. Here’s how:
1. Protect yourself – the task will result in a lot of dust and tiny particles that can harm you if inhaled, so it’s best to wear a protective mask, gloves, and goggles.
2. Get your tool of choice – remove old tile adhesive with the help of a hammer and chisel, but these tools are more suitable for the fine cleaning of specific sections. Instead, opt for a scraper or grinder to cover a larger area.
3. Final clear up – the above process will create a lot of dust which now you ought to clean because you will need a clear area to work on when placing your new bathroom tiles.

How to remove tile adhesive from walls?

If you have already separated the tiles from your bathroom walls, you can use an adhesive remover to get the rest of the glue off. You will need a putty knife, hammer, chisel, gloves, plastic sheets for protection, citric- or soy-based adhesive remover for tiles. Before proceeding with the actual steps, make sure to leave a window open while working if your adhesive remover is with high levels of VOC (volatile organic compounds).
1. Try using water first – some types of tile adhesives such as organic mastic can be successfully removed with water. Test the method by applying water to a small area. If the water manages to soften the adhesive, you will be able to scrape it off easily.
2. Use adhesive-removing paste – if you’re dealing with a tougher adhesive and water doesn’t seem to work, try a good brand of adhesive remover. Opt for a formula that is either specifically made for ceramic tile adhesive or one with a soy base or citric acid contains. These options are with low VOC levels which means that they require less ventilation than their chemical counterparts.
3. Let it work and scrub it off – leave the adhesive remover to work for some time (but not for too long) and once it has softened enough, scrub it off. Check for any remaining tile glue and spot treat the areas with the remover.

How to remove tile adhesive from tiles?

Now, if you happen to have expensive tiles in your bathroom and wish to reuse them, you will have to remove the adhesive in a way that doesn’t damage your tiles. Once you take the tiles off the surface you can:

  • Scrape as much of the excess adhesive with a scraper or an angle grinder;
  • Soak the tile in a bucket of hot water for 15 minutes to loosen up the glue and then scrape the surface.

After that your tiles will be ready for another use, all you need to do is let them dry completely.

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