Taking a long bath can have a greatly relaxing effect on the body. It helps muscles rest and regenerate and improves the overall condition. Some prefer to submerge in hot water while others enjoy taking a bath with normal to cold water temperature. Whatever the case, there is one thing that worries senior tub users and people with disabilities – how to get out of the bath safely.

Help getting in and out of the bath for seniors

  • 1. As you are in a sitting position, grab one of the edges and turn to one side.
  • 2. With the help of your hands and knees, turn so that you are facing the bottom of the tub.
  • 3. Hold both edges of the tub and push yourself onto your knees.
  • 4. While holding both edges of the tub, raise your knees. Then lift one leg and step out of the tub with it.
  • 5. Make sure your foot is standing firmly outside of the tub and then step out with your other leg while you are still holding the edge of the bathtub.

For seniors or people with disabilities, we recommend installing a rail or a grab bar. This way, there is an additional place where they can hold in order to get out of the bath safely and easily.

How to get out of the tub with bad knees or arthritis

It can be hard for people with joint pains, especially with bad knees, to get out of the bathtub safely. In this case, a transfer bench might be the best solution. It is specifically designed to assist people with both getting in and out of the tub. Keep in mind though that the bench is installed over the tub, so you won’t be submerged in it. Instead, you will have to use the shower part. Most models on the market have a backrest, additional handles, and suction cups to ensure stability.

Another option can be to opt for a walk-in bathtub. They are fairly similar to traditional ones except they have a small door which you can use to get in and out of the tub. Keep in mind though that a walk-in bathtub doesn’t solve all problems for people with joint pains. One still needs to rise from the tub in order to step out through the tight door. In case that is a problem, a bathtub lift can be a better solution. They are very similar to the transfer bench with the difference that they can lift the user down in the tub and up after they are done with the bath.

Tips for increasing safety in your bathroom

  • Use flooring that isn’t slippery when it’s wet. An alternative to that will be to place non-slip mats on the tiles and in the tub. Some people use towels instead of non-slip rugs, but that can be dangerous as they can slip if they are wet.
  • Install grab bars. These additional rails can help people get out of the tub with ease. Keep in mind that they are designed to hold a grown person’s weight. Don’t use towel bars as they are not strong enough for this purpose.
  • Put all needed items within hands reach. Soap, shampoo, loofah – they need to be close to the tub so that you don’t need to stand up when you need them.

Whether you want to remodel your bathroom or to install a new tub that is safer, Bath Barn is the store where you can find all solutions for your project. Our experts will consult you on the right products based on your specific needs.

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