During home renovations, there are two sections of the house that make up a large portion of the final bill – the kitchen and the bathroom. Many people ask themselves how much does it cost to have a bath that is modern and functional. Even though it is strongly individual, we will try to share a few tips on some of the main expenses you need to foresee when starting a bathroom renovation.

Tiles, adhesive, grout – main costs of bathroom renovation

When calculating the price of the tiles, it is important to include at least 10% on top because of the tile waste. If your bath has lots of curves and corners or the tiles are bigger in size, the recommended share must become 15%.

When choosing the tile glue, consider their size – bigger and heavier tiles require a stronger adhesive. However, the higher the tensile strength, the more expensive the adhesive is.
The main factor in picking the grout is its colour. Generally speaking, most people choose it to be as close as possible to the colour of the tiles. However, there are some designs where the two colours differ significantly and the grout used is in a contrasting colour to complement the tiles. One such example is black tiles with golden grout.

Shower, tub, toilet – how much do they add to the cost

Choosing these elements can significantly influence the final bill and how much does it cost to have a bath. That’s because of the varying prices of showers and tubs. For example, the most common bathtubs cost only a few hundred pounds. On the other hand, luxurious hot tubs can be tens of thousands. So, it really depends on your budget and preferences. With toilets, on the other hand, the price differences are not so big. Expensive models of reputable companies cost a few hundred pounds.

Costs after the bathroom renovation

  • Water costs – water-saving shower heads are on trend lately. If you decide to invest into one, this will impact your utility bills. These heads have just enough water push to rinse shampoo and shower gel of your head and body. It is estimated that you can use around 40% less water each time you take a shower, which is not only better for your budget, but also environmentally-friendly.
  • Heating costs – nowadays, there are many new water heater technologies. If your budget allows it, specialists recommend installing a more costly but energy-efficient heater. This initial investment will result in a reduction in your bills. Furthermore, you should choose the heater based on the people in your household. If you live alone or with one other person, an 80 or 100-litre heater will suffice. For a household of 3-4 people, the recommended size is between 150 and 200 litres.

If you are planning the future refurbishment of your home and wonder how much does a bath cost, don’t hesitate to contact us or visit the BathBarn Bathroom Showroom in Leicester. Our specialists will answer your questions and will offer you various options for tiling, showers, bathtubs, and more!

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