We all have a vision of how our homes should look. However, when the right time for a home renovation finally comes, we often do not know what should we do next. One of the projects with the highest ROI rate is kitchen remodelling. So, if you are planning a home improvement, start with refurbishing the kitchen. But with all the design options available, are you sure you are making the right choice? Learn what are the 6 types of kitchen layouts preferred by most homeowners in this article.

When typing “what is the best layout for a kitchen?” in Google, you will find that there are 6 types of kitchen layout ideas that keep popping up. Each one of them comes with a set of benefits and can be customised to suit your taste and match your specific needs.

What are the most popular 6 types of kitchen layout ideas?

Whatever the situation, the way you utilise the workspace in your kitchen is the most important factor to consider when planning the layouts. In a typical kitchen, the primary tasks require areas for cleaning, preparation, storage, and cooking. Put simply, you need 3 work surfaces – a sink, a refrigerator, and a cooktop. When joined together by imaginary lines, these 3 create a triangle which helps you to better plan the kitchen layout.

Depending on the amount of time you spend in your kitchen, your cooking style, and available space, you can choose from the following basic kitchen layout ideas:

one-wall kitchenOne-wall kitchen layouts – This is one of the most popular small kitchen layouts. It fits perfectly in studio flats and loft apartments because it utilises minimum space. However, you should be careful when placing the workstations – they should not be put side by side as this will leave you with zero free space in between, making the kitchen look unsightly and uncomfortable to use.


galley kitchenGalley kitchen layouts – This is one of the most efficient layouts. The galley, also known as parallel kitchen design, is ideally suited for small spaces and serves as a perfect one-cook kitchen. It usually comprises two opposing walls, fit with all the necessary appliances and cabinets, with a narrow walkway in the middle.


island kitchenIsland kitchen layouts – This type of layout adds more work and storage space to the room. It has a lot of cabinet space, appliances, a sink, countertops, and a designated place to eat. If you want to bring the living room in step with the newly refreshed kitchen, this is the layout you should go for.


G-shaped kitchenG-shaped kitchen layouts – Also known as peninsula kitchen, the G-shaped layout provides a free-standing workspace that can serve as storage, eating area, or a countertop. It is basically a connected kitchen island and offers all the benefits of an island kitchen layout while utilising less floor space in comparison.


L-shaped kitchenL-shaped kitchen layouts – A staple of classic family home design, the l-shaped kitchen layouts are perfect for small family homes. The layout features two adjoining walls cornering a central kitchen island.


U-shaped kitchenU-shaped kitchen layouts – For those who love to cook and have a lot of open space to move around, the u-shaped kitchen layouts are a perfect choice. The design typically has three walls of cabinets and appliances. If you look at the drafts the remodeler will provide for you, the design kind of looks like a horseshoe.


Which kitchen layout is the most efficient?

When choosing a new kitchen design, you should consider a few factors:

  • available space
  • cooking style
  • personal taste
  • resources

There are many types of kitchen styles available and all of them can be customised to match your needs. With proper planning and good communication with your contractor, you are able to transform the most common kitchen layouts into something unique for your entire family to enjoy. Feel free to visit our Kitchen showroom in Leicester and one of our consultants will help you make the best choice.

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