Nowadays, darker colours are becoming more and more popular in interior design. That is why it is no wonder that many people search for grey bathroom tiles ideas. If you are among them, you might also be interested in what colours go with grey tiles in bathrooms. We will try to briefly explain some of the most common combinations and help you in the difficult task of choosing the right ones in the variety of options on the market.

Contrast – the modern name of the game

In the past, many of the bathrooms were made with colours that are similar or close. Nowadays, many families go with contrasting ones. That is why one of the hottest combinations this year is a pink and grey bathroom. We assume this trend will stay and many will choose to have severely contrasting colours in their interior. Grey and yellow bathroom, for example, might sound extravagant to some but, if executed properly, it is a great combination. One of the cons of having interior with so opposing colours is that it might be hard to find bath accessories that you both like and fit the colour scheme. Nevertheless, if that is the style you’re looking for, this shouldn’t stop you. There will be more and more items on the market that will fit contrast grey and pink bathrooms for example.

Want a more classy option? Look for black, white, and grey bathroom tiles

The combination of these three colours will always be among the top choices. White tiles on the walls, black ones on the ground and grey grout are just classic. You can still have a modern look if you add wood for example. There are also different shapes of tiles on the market that will add another “pinch” of a modern look to your bathroom. Popular options are triangle, diamond, rhombus, and hexagon tiles.

One of the reasons why people choose a combination of grey and white bathroom tiles is the fact that many other items in the premise are also often white. This means that you even if all tiles are grey, the bathroom will become a combination of the two colours thanks to the toilet, tub, cabinet, sink, towels, and even the toilet paper.
If you want to have a mix of black and grey bathroom, keep in mind that it is not a suitable option for small rooms. Even with the proper lighting, a dark bath will look smaller than it actually is.

Grey plus other dark colours? Yes, please!

Many who ask themselves what colour goes with grey tiles in a bathroom tend to choose darker options. Clients looking for a blue and grey bathroom design are doubtlessly on the rise. Popular shades include sapphire, midnight, Prussian, and Oxford blue. Some also prefer a combination of grey and green bathroom. It goes very well with wooden elements and green flowers as part of the decor. In psychology, green is considered to be the most calming colour. This combo can also be the middle ground between classy and fresh. Keep in mind though that green is a colour that you should be careful with. We recommend consulting with an interior designer or another professional in the field during the planning phase. Otherwise, the final results might not be what you expected.

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