Partial Bathroom Renovation in LE3, Leicester

A bathroom renovation doesn’t always need to be extensive. Small touches here and there can make a huge difference in the interior, creating an aesthetically pleasing design and one that’s also functional and convenient. That’s exactly what we set out to achieve for our client in LE3 through our partial bathroom renovation with a shower tray installation. Keep reading to find out what we did and how we did it!

The brief: Transform a bathroom cupboard into a shower

For this project, our brief was to install a new shower tray in a cupboard area within the bathroom. This empty space was an excellent choice for a partial renovation project as the customer wanted both a shower and a bath in their bathroom space. Here’s how we went about achieving the results for them.

It started with a complete removal

We began by removing everything within the cupboard area. We then added plasterboards and dropped the ceiling in the cupboard because it was over 2.4 metres in height. After this, we plasterboarded the ceiling and added an IP65 electrical light within the shower area.

Overall, this gave the new space a snug finish. Of course, we also needed to install a panel within the shower area as well as a pivot door. The key customer requirement was the shower tray. It was 760 by 710 in size for a bigger and more comfortable showering experience.

Doing the finishing touches

As part of the customer’s requirements, they wanted all finishings to be black in colour. That’s why we helped them with creating their black shower, shower trims within the panels, black waste for the shower and a black extractor fan that we put in the shower area.

Naturally, we painted the ceiling and we also painted some of the walls in the bathroom as these had to be repaired and replaced due to the breaking out of the walls. We also installed a mirror cabinet and a vanity unit. And, of course, we sealed everything with new flooring in grey, creating an aesthetically pleasing and modern and stylish look.

A few other extra touches…

A few of the other extra touches we made was to change the basin taps and the bath accessories as well. In particular, the bath taps and the waste for the shower and the bath. Although the wall tiles, bath and toilet were not affected, we did change the accessories to black for the customer.

This included the shower area, the bath area, the bath waste, the vanity unity, the new mirror cabinet and a new black button for the toilet. To give the bathroom its special sparkle, we added seven spotlights in the ceiling, one of which was within the shower area to create a more symmetrical look.


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