Small Bathroom Redesign and Fit in Leicester, LE4

Our specialists in bathroom design and fitting in Leicester were approached by a new client with a rental property. The customer wanted to recreate the existing bathroom space in the property to design a functioning bathroom, which looked modern, vibrant, and has a simplistic look to it. The ultimate objective was to create a fresh bathroom area that is extremely easy to change with a simple repainting of the walls after tenants vacate the property.

This choice of style and design is perfect for a rental property as it fits in with most preferences for colours and interior design. After all, not all tenants are the same and it’s always a risk to create a strong interior design without knowing the preferences of your new tenants.

We’ve worked with a wide range of different clients and quickly understood exactly what the client envisioned for their bathroom space. Our team visited the location and analyzed the space. After a detailed discussion with the client regarding the choice of colour, tiles, and other materials, we were able to roll our sleeves up and get to work.

The results from the Bathroom Redesign

The results were impeccable and just what the client had envisioned. We changed the layout of the bathroom and fully tiled the shower area and half-wall tiled all around the bathroom. We built partition stand work and finished off the interior with a high-radiant bathroom white paint. Additionally, we cladded the ceiling in order to make it maintenance-free, allowing it to always look its best even with minimum effort.

Overall, we successfully completed the project and created a welcoming, simplistic, yet modern bathroom space that could be enjoyed by tenants with different preferences for design. If you think that it’s time to add some life and vibrancy into your own bathroom area, our specialists in bathroom design and fitting in Leicester are here to help! Just get in touch with us, share your ideas, and let our experts do all of the hard work for you!

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