Leaking Bath Replaced in Glen Parva Leicester, plus Plastic Wall Cladding

We all know that a leaking bath makes it harder to bathe and get clean and also that it can leave unsightly water marks, not to mention unwanted puddles on the floor and a dysfunctional bath altogether. Because this customer had a deteriorated leaking bath, they contacted us to help them out with it. Here’s what our bathroom fitters did to do so.

Removing the old bath and fixing the leak

To ensure that the leak in the bath was fixed, the first step in the process towards the bathroom restoration was to remove the current bath and get to work on addressing the leak so that the problem wouldn’t be encountered again.

Getting the hard work out of the way

Once the old bath was removed and the leak fixed, we installed plastic wall cladding around the bath area because the customer had no tiles or spare tiles for the job. We then installed a new bath with a front reinforcement panel to give it a lot more strength.

Since we know that few baths would be complete without a shower, we installed a three-in-one-shower to fill up the bath, have a rainwater head and a body head thus offering three different functions in one.

Applying the finishing touches

We next finished the metal work with chrome trims and we sealed absolutely everything around the bath as well for even greater protection from leaks in the future. But perhaps the hardest part was the curved ceilings. However, when we were done, the customer was left with an absolutely magnificent finishing.

The final steps

Finally, we installed a new glass shower panel. We also took the radiator off to replumb it and extended the copper piping. We then installed panels and reinstalled the towel rail. And as the last part, we changed the vinyl flooring as well.

Wrapping up

At Bath Barn, we can help you with absolutely anything related to your bathroom needs. From helping you find the right bathroom tiles in Leicester for you to completely redoing your bathroom to have a more modern and stunning aesthetic, we are the pros you can always rely on.

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