Bathroom Renovation Project in Bushby LE7 Leicester: Hotel-Like Bathroom Experience at Home

In the beginning, this wasn’t a special bathroom at all. In fact, the dull and plain style could easily be found in the majority of average UK homes. However, the owner had a different vision for his restroom. The client, a 30-year old male, longed for a “hotel experience” in his house bathroom. A challenging task, in fact, but these are the types of jobs that we like the most.

What did the bathroom look like?

When describing the former condition of this bathroom, it is hard to say the word “style” in the same sentence. White was the only colour used in the space – white tiles, white shower, white bathtub, etc. Our technicians jokingly reported that the overall feel was of a hospital or an asylum.

What did we change?

Our first priority was to make the bathroom look more modern and up to date with the requirements of the current young owner. We decided to go with a “black and white” design, where white is the base colour and black – the stylish accent. The team did a great job of evaluating just how much black is needed in order to achieve an elegant and hotel-like look in the space.

We covered most of the bathroom surface with black-veined marble, while for the shower tray, we opted-in for an all-black option.
Choosing marble meant that the hotel-like experience will not only be visual. Marble also feels more luxurious. It needs a lot less maintenance than your ordinary tile and grouting. In a hotel, you usually don’t spend a ton of time cleaning.

Devil is in the details

Among bathroom fitters in Leicesters, you can often hear that “Devil is in the details”. Hence we installed black taps and vessel basins, as well as a black cupboard for the storage area, matching the shower tray and veining of the marble.

We replaced the old mirror with a bigger and wider one and installed some LED lights around it to create an atmosphere of luxury and warmth. The bigger size of the mirror also created an optical illusion, making the whole bathroom look spacious.

This is just one of the projects that we are really proud of, and we are looking for more challenges to tackle. Reach out to our tile shop in Leicester if you want the next case study to be about your wonderful bathroom change.

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