Family Bathroom Renovation in LE3, Leicester

A family bathroom is a sacred space. However, because it gets a lot of use, wear and tear are a natural part of the deterioration process. In this case, we were approached by a customer who had an electric shower that they no longer wished to use and the bathroom was quite dated. In fact, the bath had a crack in it and it was leaking. Meanwhile, the toilet and the sink were old. To perk up the space and give it a fresh new look, our team came on board to tackle the job. This is the transformation that we undertook.

Cutting right back to brick

The very first part of the job that we undertook was to remove all the previous wall coverings and hack all the way back to brick. After this, we added plaster boards all around to ensure that the walls were neat and smooth enough.

Getting the electrics and plumbing right

After the walls were fully exposed, we attended to the electrics and added an extractor fan for greater convenience that wasn’t there before. We also put in new plumbing for the toilet, sink, shower and bath and then plastered the whole room.

Redoing the walls

As for covering the walls, the customer chose wet room panels that were 10 mm thick. The beauty of all this was that the window just above the bath brought light in, adding a lovely sparkle to the revived new bathroom space.

Adding the finishing touches

Once the main job was done, it was time to start fitting in the main accessories. These included an LED mirror with a cabinet for storage under the sink. The bathroom was painted and vinyl flooring was added. A bath mixer was added for the shower and a sink and toilet that were newly installed were fairly round in shape, matching the aesthetics.

Final remarks

At the end of the job, we were thrilled that the customer absolutely loved their new bathroom and we couldn’t be happier with the result. In this case, they were looking for bathroom showrooms in Leicester and ended up at Bath Barn where we were able to help materialise their vision and give them a comfortable, modern and sparkling bathroom that the whole family can now enjoy.

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