En-Suite Redesign to a Bathroom – Installation in Glenfield, LE3

Our specialists in bathroom installation in Leicester successfully completed yet another bathroom renovation project. We’re excited to share with you another success story that left our customer satisfied and pleased with the results. The customer approached us with an idea in mind to recreate the look and feel of their bathroom. The objective was to create a unified look between the main bathroom and the ensuite. Together, we discussed what the client envisioned, analyzed the existing space and its design and got to work.

After creating a plan we started our execution step by step.

The execution of the bathroom renovation

The first thing we did was to change the positioning of the bathroom area. Previously, the client had a very small cubic over the electric shower, limiting opportunities for design and comfortability. We changed around the bathroom area from all of the positionings from the shower area to a large, wetroom shower tray and screen with a flipper. We also installed a new thermostatic shower, which dramatically improved the showering experience. The pressure of the new thermostatic shower is much greater, allowing the client to enjoy a niche flow of water.

Next, we created a larger pigeon hole, where the client could store bathroom accessories like bottles and decor pieces. Everything in the bathroom space was black. However, the customer wanted a slightly different effect. The grout was dark grey, the shower waste, the wet room screen with a flipper panel, the armour, shower, toilet holder, towel rod, and other elements were black. We installed a different kind of top sink to change how spacious the bathroom area felt.

We installed a more rounded top sink as the bathroom was a bit smaller than the traditional bathroom. A square sink would have been overpowering, making the room look smaller. We also installed a smaller round mirror unit (a 600 round mirror unit) and fitted furniture which was designed and manufactured in the UK. The tiling was the same. However, as the tiling design was different on the floor and in the main bathroom, we finished off with a 4-inch skirting of the floor tile around the bathroom. We finished it with a black trim to create a complete and sophisticated look.

If you feel like it’s time to take things into your own hands and make a change in your bathroom space, give us a call or visit our bathroom store and showroom in Leicester and let’s discuss how we can help!

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