En Suite Bathroom Installation in East Midlands, Leicester LE10

A basic bathroom design with limitations
We partnered with a customer who had a basic bathroom design with outdated wallpaper and a standard toilet and sink. The bathroom space was fitted with a carpet, had one seating line, a small and limited shower area, and lacked the spaciousness that was desired. The client turned to us as experts in bathroom installation in Leicester with the mission of upgrading the bathroom to make it look bigger, more comfortable, and modern.

How we helped the client enjoy a modern, upgraded ensuite bathroom

We successfully created a larger bathroom by starting with the shower area. We installed panels and a larger shower tray, providing a wet room effect that was supported by LED lighting. We plastered the ceiling and walls, installed skirting boards, and changed the entire plumbing around. This allowed us to ensure that the toilet and vanity unit sits along with each other. The bathroom was enhanced with an LED mirror to finish the modern and simplistic design. Our experts positioned the tiles on the ledge and finished them off with chrome trim, giving the result of a free-flowing effect.

The bathroom enjoyed a bigger effect and overall feel as a result of the fact that the vinyl flooring was kept the same style and length as the wall tiles. Ultimately, the client now enjoys an ensuite bathroom that has been completely transformed and has a designer range.

With years of experience in bathroom installation in Leicester, our professionals are fully capable of turning your dreams into reality. Reach out to us, share your ideas, and let’s discuss how we can make them happen. We provide quick results, affordable prices, and expert support and advice to all of our clients and offer flexible working hours to fit your schedule.

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