Bathroom Supply and Renovation in LE9, Leicester

Our team took on the challenge of renovating and modernizing an old bungalow, ground floor bathroom. The bathroom was originally created in a 1980s design and was inconvenient for our client. The main task was to create a bathroom space that would be easy to use for the elderly and to offer self-management, a quick and easy cleaning process, and full comfort. The experts from our tile shop in Leicester analyzed the existing environment, discovered the client’s needs and preferences, and got to work.

With professional and high-quality bathroom supplies, the results were impeccable.

How we turned a dream into reality

Our first step was to carefully select and plant the new bathroom furniture to make the area more accessible for people as they age. We also wanted to make sure the environment is modern and answers all current trends on the market. We installed an anti-slip shower tray and made the bathroom more self-manageable. Our experts also focused on making sure every spot in the bathroom is easy to clean and does not pose a challenge. We added cladding to the bathroom ceiling, which is an outstanding feature if you never want to paint your ceiling again. It’s completely maintenance-free and adds another level of convenience.

We also added spots and mirror light. Our specialists plumbed the pipework within the walls to keep things clean and tidy. We also changed the plumbing alterations so all waste is transported outside. There is now no step for the shower tray and everything is on the floor for extra comfort. In terms of tiles, the client selected 30×60 tiles for the walls and we combined them with 60×60 different colour tiles to provide extra contrast and make it easier on the eye. We added blinds in the window area for privacy. We installed a two-head shower – one coming from the ceiling and one from the wall.

The bathroom is now fully accessible and extremely easy and comfortable to use. The client is satisfied with the results and can now enjoy the modern look and ease of use that was the main priority of the project.

If you feel that it’s time to change and improve your bathroom, get in touch with us! We’ll make an inspection, offer professional advice, and make your dreams come true.

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