Bathroom Renovation in Leicester, LE9

Same old small room, but a larger bathroom? How is it possible?

This case study is based on a project of a typical bathroom in the 1990’s style – small and cluttered space. The customer wanted to have a more spacious restroom which we achieved but we also managed to squeeze in some additional perks as well.

How our bathroom fitters in Leicester handled the job

We had to evaluate the available surface and make some adjustments in order to fully utilise the room and still let it feel spacious. Integrating the tap and sink within the new cupboards is a fool-proof strategy that we use often when we want to optimize bathroom space.

However, this wasn’t enough, because the loft hatch was located in the bathroom. We had to reinstall it in the hallways just outside the room so that the client doesn’t need to access the loft from the bathroom area. This freed up some space to reposition the shower, further increasing the surface area of the bathroom.

Design is key

Apart from the rearrangement of the premise, we also stepped up the design game in this particular bathroom. We matched the colours of the cupboard doors with the furniture and installed new tiles around the windows, boosting the overall appearance of the restroom.

We changed the old mirror with a new, more stylish one. We placed LED lights around the edges, essentially killing two birds with one stone – the LED stripe is an interesting and eye-catching element but also generates enough light for the homeowner or any guest to perform his skincare duties in front of the mirror.

Additional perks that the owner gained from our tile shop in Leicester

Apart from delivering excellent results on even the most challenging tasks, our bathroom fitters in Leicester also strive to go the extra mile when satisfying our customers. Thanks to the rearrangements we made, we were able to:

  • Increase the size of the bathtub for a more comfortable bathing session.
  • Install a panel in the bath area to further reduce the need for scrubbing and cleaning due to the lack of grouting.

This is just one sample of the work we do. If you wish to have your bathroom optimized and up to date with your style preferences, call our tile shop in Leicester. Maybe the next case study will show the transformation of your beloved restroom.

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