Bathroom Renovation in Birstall Leicester, LE4

An outdated bathroom in need of a fresh approach
One of our most recent projects was the restoration of a bathroom with an outdated design in Birstall, Leicester. The customer wanted to enjoy a modernized bathroom that matched the other areas of the house. One of the problems that the bathroom created was the fact that it was inconvenient for any storage and accessories. The painting job on the walls was old and resulted in flaking and an unsightly appearance, and the colour scheme was not what the customer desired.

Our team of professionals worked together with the client in finding the perfect solution considering the size of the bathroom and the client’s requests.

A modern bathroom renovation

After considering a few solutions for the walls, together we made the decision to get rid of the problem entirely and tear the wall down to create a new and fresh solution. The customer chose a baby pink colour that would add a level of vibrancy to the bathroom and change the overall appearance completely. We installed made-to-measure cabinets created in the UK with the perfect baby pink colour.

Next, we installed high-quality and durable tiles along the bathroom in the areas around the window. We created pigeon holes using two cabinets that required precise trimming. The end result was a beautiful area for storing shower bottles or accessories like plant pots that could completely transform the look and feel of the bathroom space. To be able to create this new feature in the bathroom, we had to change the plumbing from the wall side to the other side.

The bathroom now has a stunning tiled wall with ceiling cladding and perfect lighting for the bathroom. The client requested a three-handle shower that was installed along with a handler and a riser kit and a bigger water head. A separate wall was plastered and painted and we created a contemporary looking floor that perfectly matches the unit worktop.

The chosen colour scheme is extremely basic, focusing on the white and grey colours in order to make the pink unit stand out. The project took our team a total of seven working days to complete. All installed and used bathroom products are of the highest quality and created to the highest standards.

We work with some of the best bathroom tiles in Leicester and are excited to take on more projects like this one. If you feel that it’s time to renovate and transform your bathroom space, reach out to us and share your ideas. We can turn your dreams into reality.

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