Bathroom Renovation in Birstall LE4, Leicester

What were the client requirements
Our customers had a serious leak in their oldfashioned 90’s style bathroom. Because of the age of the room, they decided that a complete overhaul and renovation is needed. The client decided on a completely new and contemporary modern design for their bathroom suite. Moreover, the family complained that they don’t feel comfortable when taking a shower, because of the small and suppressed space, so they enquired if we can make space feel bigger. For us, this bathroom renovation project was an interesting challenge of implementing our knowledge to achieve satisfactory results.
How we performed the project
From a technical point of view, the challenge was to stop all of the unwanted leaks and make the bathroom feel airier as we wanted to make the design to answer our client’s desires. Our responsibility was to come up with creative solutions, implement innovative techniques and to provide high-quality work. But we know that all of that is possible with BathBarn’s professional approach.
The first step was to strip out the tiles and remove the old plumbing. Everything was replaced with brand new, high-quality materials. After that, we got to the nitty-gritty of the bathroom design. The client wanted a new main feature to be the focal point, which we achieved successfully. To make the bathroom feel bigger, we got rid of the old airing cupboard to leave room for better storage solutions.

What was the result
All technical and design jobs were completed successfully. We created a bathroom with a whole new modern look and, more importantly, all the leaks have been removed. It was a pleasure for us to work on the project.
Were our clients satisfied with the results?
“Our bathroom has been completed according to quality manners and within the time frame that was promised. BathBarn’s team worked extremely well, without any problems and without wasting too much time. Now we have our new modern style bathroom without unwanted leaks. Well done and thank you to everyone who joined and completed the project successfully! I will definitely recommend BathBarn’ bathroom fitters from Leicester to all who need their bathroom to be re-done!”

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