Bathroom Refurbish in Syston, LE4

Our experts in bathroom renovation in Leicester had the privilege to work with another client for a bathroom redesign. The customer had a 1990s bathroom, which was quite different from the modern day bathroom interiors. As a result, a lot of aspects of the bathroom space needed to be revised and addressed.

Ater a discussion with the client, we gained a full understanding of their requirements and expectations. Our team laid out an execution plan and was ready to get to work.

The results from the bathroom renovation

When we started working on the bathroom, the first thing we addressed were the tiles. We discovered that the previous fitters had put tiles on top of tiles, resulting in two rows of tiles, which is not an ideal scenario or a long-lasting solution. Once we started working, the tiles detached from the wall. To solve the problem, we had to install a new plasterboard everywhere and only then move on to tiling the bathroom.

Next, we skimmed the ceiling and created a special cupboard with the same color as the furniture, achieving a symmetrical and visually pleasing look. We relied on made-to-measure solutions manufactured in the UK.

The customer required the installation of spotlights. We also added a loft hatch within the bathroom, being governed by the amount of lights and their positioning. Once we carefully positioned the lights, we fully grouted the area and installed a vinyl flooring. In addition, we added a modern-looking mirror and finished off with chrome trims.

Finally, we provided an accessible grab bar in the bath area for extra security. The results pleased the client, who now enjoys a modernized, renovated, and beautiful bathroom interior.

If you think that it’s time to turn your bathroom interior dreams into a reality, get in touch with our specialists in bathroom renovation in Leicester. With years of experience in what we do, we can help you enjoy stunning results at affordable rates.

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