Bathroom and Kitchen Renovation Project in Leicester

Unexpected challenges

The client had already chosen his tiles but the floor they were supposed to be put on was uneven. We had to remove the whole flooring to fix the levelling and we had to squeeze this unplanned activity in the time period we initially promised.

We then proceeded with the installation of the underfloor heating pipes. Such a procedure requires so much precision, that we can easily classify it as an art form of its own. However we don’t want to share the secrets of our technicians, so we will stick to the initial story of this case study.

Adjustments for the years to come

The elderly customer needed a step in order to walk from the kitchen to the conservatory area. However, we didn’t want that change to interfere with the design, so we selected tiles with the same patterns as the ones used in the house. We opted in for a lighter tone because it creates a visual difference, making the step more noticeable for the owner. All without ruining the established tile pattern around the property.

We placed grab bars to facilitate the movement of our client. We took the project one step further by installing a wheelchair ramp on another entrance to the premise. This enables our client to have full access to each part of the house for the years to come.

Additional rearrangements

We continued by transforming the cloakroom. From an unused space, this became a small toilet room with a mirror and a concealed toilet.

One of our company’s secrets is to always rearrange the property in such a way that it requires less maintenance in the future. That’s why we installed splashback tiles in the area around the washing machine, to assure that the owner can enjoy his free time instead of spending it on cleaning activities.

Different approach

It’s not rare for our clients to wonder why our services deliver such results without costing them a fortune. The truth is that our technicians follow a different approach than the other kitchen fitters in Leicester.

Tile shops in Leicester tend to overprice a service in order to counter the number of clients they get. Our bathroom fitters in Leicester strive to do their job as best as they can. This often results in “side-tasks” that clients want them to finish. This enables our workers to earn an extra buck or two without us having to raise the prices of our services.

In this particular case study, the owner was so impressed by the speed at which we operated that he ordered an additional paint job for the conservatory room and the kitchen unit of the washing machine. For him, it was wiser to order an additional service from us, because:

  • The technicians were already at the address
  • He had already tested their capabilities in the previous days
  • Ordering services “in bulk” saved money for the client

We have a hunch for design so we managed to match the new paint with the existing style of the home. If you want your project to be our next case study or want to save money but still get flawless results – contact us and see for yourself how our workers do their magic.

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