New Bathroom in Leicester, LE2 with tiles from our Tile Shop

A client in Leicester got in touch with our team with the hopes of being able to enjoy a renovated and improved bathroom space with the help of our expertise and high-quality products. The original bathroom only consisted of a bath, an electric shower, and a sink. The interior did not match the modernistic look the client was after and needed substantial refurbishment and total transformation to meet the client’s expectations and desires.

Luckily, nothing is impossible when you have a team of talented experts and a commitment to help!

How our bathroom installation experts helped the client

We installed a new full-range soil pipe as the client had a separate toilet area. We chose a high-quality and durable solution for new plumbing for the toilet. Our main objective was to add the toilet into the bathroom to create one united space. The shower enclosure was also added to the bathroom, where a thermostatic shower was installed for better pressure and to improve the aesthetics of the space. We chose a twin head thermostatic shower of exceptional quality.

In addition, we installed a vanity unit which was a perfect match with the new tiles in the bathroom from our tile shop in Leicester. We chose white cladding for the ceiling and installed an extractor fan and four LED lights. We removed the bath in order to open up the space and make it look larger than it is in reality. The client has specific requirements for the enclosure in relation to height concerns. As a result, we selected a 2-meter shower enclosure and successfully installed it.

Our work required that we rip everything out and recreate the space. During our work, we discovered a gas pipe in the bathroom and relocated it going outwards. The move also required a complete change of the plumbing too. Finally, we installed new plasterboards everywhere and put in hardy backup boards in the shower area.

Overall, the client now enjoys a fully renovated and transformed bathroom thanks to our experts in bathroom installation in Leicester. If you would also like to see your bathroom space improved and modernized, we specialise in tiles in Leicester and are here to help turn your dreams into reality!

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