Bathroom Design and Installation in Nottingham, NG3 – rental property for a Landlord

It is important for every landlord to ensure that their properties are in excellent condition before a new tenant moves in. However, in this case, the landlord had a challenge on their hands, which they called on our bathroom fitters in Nottingham to help with. We accepted the challenge and the results speak for themselves. Take a look at what the challenge was and how we addressed the issue.

The challenge

The client in this case was a landlord based in Nottingham. In particular, the bathroom on the property had a leak that went through the bathroom wall to the adjoining wall where the kitchen is located. In particular, the insurance company specifically asked us to put the property, the bathroom back into “pre-existing loss” as a form of same-to-same comparison. That’s exactly what we went ahead and did for this customer.
Our efforts to address the customer’s bathroom challenges
Our work in this bathroom was extensive and thorough and we carefully addressed all the customer’s challenges and needs by working on the following areas:

Working on the walls

In this bathroom installation in Nottingham, we started by skimming the walls and adding 1.2 m high tiles, which we finished off with white aluminium trims. After this, we refitted the customer’s pre-existing bathroom accessories, such as the basin, toilet, shower and bath.

For the heavy lifting, because it was part of the insurance company’s requirements and the customer wanted to insulate the walls, we used plasterboards with 75 mm installation as one board. They come in a height of 2.4 m by a width of 1.2 m. This is what we placed across the window wall.

As for the rest of the walls in the bath area, we used aqua boarding, called backerboards, and then we added shower sealant and paint within the bath area as well. We did this to give the area a sealant base so that if in future there was an eventual failure within the grouting system or a leak, it wouldn’t get sucked within the plaster boards.

Installation of a new electric towel rail

What is more, the customer had purchased a new electric towel rail, which we installed for them.

Creating a tiled box for the stop tap

As the next step, we created a tiled box for the stop tap, which was visually unappealing when you entered the bathroom. Now, the tiled box can be easily removed and used if the landlord wants to switch the water on or off.

Creating an upstand with tiles

Because the customer didn’t have skirting boards on the premises and in the bathroom, we created an upstand with tiles to marry up the area and appearance and give it a maintenance-free feel. As there would be no wood on the floor, it is less likely to swell in the future.

Finishing up the flooring

Finally, we installed new vinyl flooring and painted the area throughout, including the glosswork. We also added a vinyl-to-carpet trim as well.


All in all, this was a successfully completed job that we at Bath Barn were proud to work on. And if you need any assistance with the design, supply or fit of any bathroom-related accessories or even heavy-lifting, you can always get in touch with us for a budget-friendly, efficient and quality service that will ensure your bathroom space looks and feels amazing once again.

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