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Our professionals in bathroom renovation and redesign had the privilege to work with a new client with a very specific goal. We were tasked with creating a bathroom space for a partially disabled customer, with the main focus being accessibility and functionality. The client expressed their concerns and struggles with their existing bathroom area, as it didn’t provide easy access to the bath. The project required strategic thinking and creative solutions to design a space that offers convenience, comfort, and is aesthetically pleasing at the same time.

The results of the bathroom redesign

We helped the customer with the creation of a made-to-measure, accessible bath, that was fully personalised to the needs of the client. The new bath comes with two doors so it can easily be opened and there’s only a step to get into the bath area. It’s created in the UK, with a lead time of 4 weeks, allowing us to offer a quick result for the client. The customer chose to have one LED light installed on the ceiling, along with cladding, which made the ceiling maintenance-free. In addition, because of previous mould problems on the ceiling, we removed all existing plasterboards from the ceiling, re-boarded the ceiling and installed cladding on top.

We created a fully tiled bathroom area, with tiled floors and walls. The walls were tiled with 60×60 gloss porcelain tiles, while the floors were equipped with 30×60 matt tiles. The bathroom space was also updated with fitted furniture, giving the overall bathroom a different effect.

One of the problems with the previous bathroom was the low temperatures during the cold months. Our professionals recommended tile rails and warmers, but the customer preferred a standard radiator due to heat efficiency reasons. We also concealed all the pipework into the wall to provide a clean finished look.

Overall, the project was complete in 7 working days and offered a completely transformed, new, workable, and desirable bathroom.

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