A clogged sink is undoubtedly a nightmare for every household. Especially if the water isn’t draining at all and just stays there. However, there are easy and cheap ways on how to unblock a bathroom sink. You can fix a situation like this in no time with our tips from the following lines.


Use a simple plunger or another type of vacuum

Unless the sink is severely clogged, a simple plunged can help you a lot. With its aid, you will get the dirt out of the sink so that water can drain and you can remove it. You can also use a wet & dry vacuum cleaner. Just wait for the water to drain slowly and then use the machine to suck some of the dirt. It should be set to liquid first and to the highest sucking power.

How to unblock a bathroom sink without a plunger? Sodium hydroxide!

Most commonly known with the names caustic soda and lye, sodium hydroxide is an effective helper in such tasks. However, you should be extra careful as it can cause chemical burns. Usage of rubber gloves and eye protection is necessary when you apply it. When mixed with cold water, caustic soda will create fizz and heat. Pour the solution directly in the sink and wait for at least 30 minutes. It will begin to dissolve the dirt. Afterwards, pour one litre of boiling water in the sink. If it still doesn’t drain properly, repeat the process.

Baking soda

Vinegar and baking soda

They come in handy not only in cooking and cleaning. If you wonder how to unclog a bathroom sink that drains slowly, you can benefit from the help of vinegar and baking soda mix. Create a 1:1 solution and pour it down the drain immediately. Keep in mind that the mix will create a fizz which will dissolve grime, hair, and dirt. This technique will not do wonders, however. It will just help the water drain better by removing some of the greasy filth. If your bathroom is fully blocked and water doesn’t drain at all, you should first use mechanical unclogging methods.

Use a wire or a toilet snake

If the bathroom sink is clogged with hair, there is one household object that you can use to easily remove it – a simple wire hanger. Cut it with pliers and use the wire to unclog the sink. If the problem is further down the drain, you will need a tool with a longer reach. There are fairly cheap options on the market like toilet snakes. They come in different lengths and are specifically designed for unclogging of toilets, siphons, and sinks. A toilet snake is an ideal solution not only when you wonder how to mechanically unblock a bathroom sink, but also for almost everything in your house.


How to unclog a bathroom sink with standing water? Clean the pipes

In case water doesn’t drain at all, you might need to open the pipes and clean them. Place a bucket below the pipes under the sink, remove the sink trap and loosen both slip nuts of the pipe. This will give you access to the place where most of the debris, gunk, sludge, and other dirt are caught – the sink trap. Clean it thoroughly and reinstall it. If the water flow is still not as good as you’d like, this might be a symptom of another blockage somewhere in the system.

We hope that our tips on how to unclog a bathroom sink that drains slowly will help you in the maintenance of your bath. In case you want to freshen it with a new tub or need a complete renovation, Bath Barn is the bathroom store you can count on!

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