Toilet renovation in LE4 Golden Mile

A toilet renovation that took 10 days from start to finish began with several challenges but it was eventually transformed into a beautiful masterpiece that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional, maintenance-free and easy to clean. Find out how we did this by exploring the details of our process and the final results below.

The brief

For this project, the customer had a WC room or toilet that was within a block of flats. What they wanted was a toilet renovation that would create an easier way for the elderly mother to clean it and to ensure it was maintenance-free as well.

The challenge

Not only was this toilet in a block of flats, with connections to other pipes but there were also multiple pipes that affected the rooms aesthetic appeal. In addition, when we exposed the case iron pipe, it was difficult to ensure that we were able to connect the toilet to the pan collector without flooding the area as it is run by one central stack. Finally, since there were no external walls, we also had to carefully address the pipeworks and the boxing in process.

Our work

We began by exposing the cast iron pipe and connecting the toilet to the pan collector without flooding the room, while ensuring that we managed the running of the central stack. This was done to ensure that the toilet replacement was as professionally done as possible.
Next, we connected the overflow pipe from the water tank to the toilet, which we had to embed in the WC unit upstairs as part of the toilet fitting process.
We added panels throughout the WC rooms, both upstairs and downstairs.
Also added to this toilet space was a thermostatic bar to spray water at the desired temperature, which is used in some European and Middle Eastern and Asian countries.
We then added chrome finishes, such as chrome taps for easier cleaning.
For the flooring, the customer went for vinyl flooring with a seamless wood effect for a more contemporary look.
The finishing touches were done when we installed two new doors within the upstairs cupboard area and we ensure that all the pipeworks were covered so that they were not visible. A new door to the actual toilet room was installed as well.

The final result

The final result is a seamless, contemporary and easy to maintain toilet, which took our team a period of 10 days to complete. Although it was a process that entailed several challenges, we managed to abide by the customer’s brief and create a functional WC room for them that they could use and clean easily. With all the pipeworks out of the way, this toilet also became much more aesthetically pleasing, neater and more modern.


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