Main Bathroom Design and Installation in Birstall, LE4 – before/after photos

We were approached by a client for a full bathroom renovation project. When the customer got in touch with us, the existing bathroom had mosaic tiles and was extremely difficult to clean. There were vivid signs of grout lines and other imperfections. The client required a change in bathroom layout and structure in order to make the space more accessible and convenient for an elderly person. They wanted to enjoy the functionality and usability of the bathroom but also achieve a modern and clean look.

The bathroom renovation results

We started off by changing the pipework and the plumbing. It was all recessed into the walls, calling for a replacement of all of the plasterboards in the whole bathroom. We removed the tiles and replaced the plasterboards. We changed the pipework outside for the soil pipe in order to ensure the safe removal of the waste from the shower. We positioned the shower tray on the floor with a 14ml step, which is the trade-dep step to get in the anti-slip shower tray. The solution was specifically designed and pre-made by the manufacturers to provide extra stability for the feet.

We installed a foldable chair in the shower to help the customer’s elderly family use the shower more comfortably if required. We equipped the shoer space with a double head shower and a basket, which both came with a 15-year guarantee provided by the manufacturer. Next, we continued to redesign the walls. We plastered the wall with the radiator and half plastered the other wall next to the shower.

Our mission was to create a minimalist look. To achieve it, we bought brick-effect 10×30 tiles that create a nice, long-range. We painted (how to paint bathroom tiles) everything white as the customer wanted a clean and minimal white bathroom. We installed made-to-measure white furniture. Our specialists added a wet room panel and tiled the floor. Rather than relying on skirting boards, we used tile skirting boards, which were the same as the floor and finished off with cork and paint.

To complete the desired look, we went for a black LED mirror light in a circle shape. It created a niche contrast to everything else in the bathroom, which was in a square shape. The circle mirror offered a slight escape from the overall contemporary look. The final result was a modern, user-friendly bathroom. We successfully achieved the creation of a stylish space and the perfect contemporary look that matches the house.

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