Bedroom to Bathroom ReDesign in Croft, LE9

Our specialists in bathroom design in Leicester were approached by a client for the execution of an exciting and challenging project. The customer wanted to transform a bedroom into a bathroom. We had a detailed discussion with the client, received as much information as we could on what their vision for the rooms was, and started planning the process. We organized the renovation and got to work.

A bedroom turned into a bathroom

To turn a bedroom into a bathroom, the first thing that we needed to do was to isolate all of the electrical plug sockets in the room. Our experts carefully ripped out all of the skirting boards and continued with a complete fix of the plumbing from scratch. We installed a soil pipe and made sure that everything was functional and suitable for the space.

The client wanted to have a bath and shower unit within the bathroom space. To achieve this, we created a beautiful rounded quadric shower tray and enclosure with shower boards. This made the space extremely easy to maintain and clean. Leicester bathrooms have a common problem when it comes to cleaning as the water in the area is extremely hard. To help the client overcome this challenge, we created a solution that could be cleaned with a single wipe blade and enjoy spotless results with no grout lines.

Next, we installed a boiler and created a personalized boiler cupboard for the customer to conceal it. The board was in the same colour as the furniture, which was completely UK-manufactured. The furniture and the board were both in a mat cashmere colour with small black metro tiles above the sink area and the bath area. The rest of the walls we plastered, skinned, and repainted. For a modern and clean look, we installed spotlights on the ceiling area and added an LED mirror.

All of this was created in a room that was once used as a bedroom. We finished by tiling the floor, which has underfloor heating. The room also has a large tile rail as the temperatures are often low and the space requires additional heating. To allow the customer to customize and accessorize, we created a convenient pigeon hole in the bath area. Overall, the project resulted in a stunning look and a completely transformed room.

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