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Is it really possible to completely transform your bathroom space with a great design, quality materials, and skilled experts?

This case study reveals how our Leicester bathroom fitters helped a client say goodbye to their old and rusty bathroom look and enjoy a fully renovated and modern look. The project took place in a Victorian property with a small and poorly organised bathroom. We had to go through a detailed plan in order to satisfy the customer’s desires and add in a few extra perks in addition.

The bathroom renovation mission

The client’s wish was to enjoy a completely new bathroom suite and layout that would fit in with the modern touch of the rest of the interior in the house. There’s a certain beauty in a renovated and redesigned old Victorian house that suits the time that we live in today. In order to fulfil the requirements and expectations, we needed to install new outdoor toilet pipes, remove the boxing that we found inside the bathroom when we started the project and take care of the hidden pipework. Our bathroom fitters also had to find a solution for the cracked plaster coming off the walls, install new panels, and install a new, and solve the problem the bathroom had with its old window, which didn’t match the desired modern look and was originally split into two separate rooms.

A modern new vision

We rolled up our sleeves and managed to completely rearrange the premise and its layout. We began by thoroughly evaluating every centimetre of the bathroom to create a plan for the full utilisation of the space and the installation of modern appliances. We created a simplistic and minimalistic design using the white and grey colour scale. The new bathroom was created with no boxing as the pipework was entirely covered up into the walls giving a fantastic new look to the space.

We replastered the walls to fully remove old cracks and imperfections, fitting in new panels that were adapted to fit the size of the room considering that their dimensions were slightly above the standard. We solved the window problem by installing a new, smaller window into the bathroom and another window in the next room. We switched around the positions of the toilet and the bathroom sink to create a whole new outlay. Our specialists installed a glass shower cabin to ultimately bring in the modern feel into this premise.

How our bathroom fitters in Leicester helped the client

Despite the challenging nature of this project, our experienced bathroom fitters achieved perfect end results and even exceeded the expectations of the client. Thanks to the effort and skills of our team, the client received so much more than the initial rearrangements that were planned:

  • Quality and durable materials and appliances from our tile shop in Leicester
  • Better space utilisation in the premise
  • Easier cleaning and maintenance thanks to the panel installations

This case study is one of many examples of how we’ve been able to help our clients enjoy their interiors again. If you would like to see your bathroom renovated and upgraded to fit your preferences and design tastes, get in touch with our tile shop in Leicester and our experts will help you get started.

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