Bathroom Fitters performed Design, Supply and Installation of a bathroom in Leicester, LE3

Our client reached out to our tile shop in Leicester with a project in mind. They wanted to completely change the look and feel of their existing bathroom to be able to enjoy a modern bathroom style, combined with a contemporary built-in that offers convenience, comfort, and beauty. One of the client’s top priority requirements was the installation of a new, much smaller bathroom window that would fit in with the new style.

After a thorough inspection and review of the current space, our professional bathroom fitters were ready to roll up their sleeves and get to work.

How our bathroom fitters in Leicester helped

Once we selected the new materials together with the client, the first thing our bathroom fitters did was to supply, design, and install a new window. The bricks from the exterior were matched to the existing brickwork and our fitters did a great job getting the same colour of the brickwork to provide a balanced and delightful look. After the new window installation, we tore and removed the remaining parts of the bathroom to free some valuable space for the renovation.

Our client wanted to benefit from a completely new bathroom design that abided by the modern trends but also offered the convenience of the contemporary built-in. We designed the tiles to be in the Herringbone style, resembling the stunning Laura Ashley effect. Originally, the old bathroom had a 3 in 1 shower, which was positioned at the back, along with two control ways for the rainwater. The client preferred a douche kit for more convenience. We installed a toilet with a built-in douche kit, along with made-to-measure furniture with a mirror with ambient lighting and a single-pendant light.

Finally, we carefully skimmed and painted the rest of the bathroom. Our bathroom fitters installed a new door lock and handle. In the end, the client received a completely redone bathroom suite and new flooring.

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