Bath to Shower Supply and Installation in LE2, Leicester

The client visited our bathroom showroom in Leicester with one core mission – to carry out a slight refurbishment of the bathroom area and to change the bath into a shower for more convenience. Previous, the client had never had a bath nor did they have a shower above the bath.

We discussed what our bathroom fitters could provide, made some recommendations regarding the possible approaches to the project, and were ready to turn a dream into reality.

The results

Initially, the client had existing tiles on the walls, which we instantly exposed after our first visit and boxed up into the area. Next, we took the bath out and replaced it with a shower tray and shower panels. The rest of the bathroom space was covered in wallpaper. The interior consisted of a green ceiling and old, outdated light. To create a more modern look and feel, we installed UPVC ceiling cladding and changed the light to a sophisticated solution. Our professionals also had to recess all the pipeworks in the wall.

The customer had a tank in the loft, which meant that we had to put in a shower pump. Overall, this part of the project was perhaps the most challenging due to the limited size of the cupboard. Despite the difficulties, we managed to successfully install a shower pump and a two-head thermostatic shower.

We managed to keep the tray on the floor without a step, which offered substantial convenience. The customer can now enjoy a hot shower with easy accessibility. We also installed a shower seat onto the wall, which made it easier for the client if they needed to rest while showering.

Overall, our Leicester fitters did an amazing job on this light refurbishment. The client only visited the showroom once just to choose the colours, materials, and products and see the design. All of the rest was in the hands of our trained experts. Our showroom team and Leicester fitters were fantastic, providing timely and exceptionally high-quality results.

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