Kitchen Design and Fit Completed by Bath Barn’s Kitchen Fitters in Leicester

Our kitchen fitters in Leicester had the opportunity to get onboard a new project for a property that was going to be rented out to tenants. In order to improve the property’s appearance and convenience, the client wanted to have a kitchen renovation and install a new kitchen to transform the space completely. At the same time, the client had a limited budget which required careful and precise planning and organization.

Once we received all of the information on the client’s expectations and vision, we were ready to start this exciting journey and create a new kitchen area.

The results from the Kitchen Design and Fit

The specialists in our team ultimately managed to create a kitchen area that was more ergonomic with minimum costs, keeping the overall budget for the project as low as possible. We created a design that perfectly matched the requirements of the client and installed new units on the door. The only thing that substantially affected the price of the renovation was the choice of 3D acrylic. However, this solution certainly contributes to the overall appearance of the area as it’s outstanding and extremely modern. The client chose vinyl flooring and we carefully installed it. We also took care of installing electrical sockets on the walls and finished the plumbing, electrics, and any other kitchen details.

Our team also successfully plastered the ceiling and installed the lights. From the overall finished look, the only thing that is not our doing is the painting as the client preferred to handle this task without the help of a professional.

We’re happy to see another satisfied client and another finalized project. We make this happen for you too and can help you enjoy a new and transformed kitchen environment. Just get in touch and let our kitchen fitters in Leicester work their magic.

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